Shared Humanity

Posted on:January 7, 2015

Here I sit, under an open, starry African sky, around a large fire, knowing that I am fully alive. Before me, beautiful Zulu girls dance, skilfully weaving between one another as if sharing a private joke. A corner of my mouth also lifts as I notice, in my awakened and connected state, that their attention is less on me as a guest, but that they dance to catch the eye of the good looking young Zulu men whose feet rise and fall in perfect rhythm with the drumbeat.

The recent research from the Cradle of Humankind proposes that all human beings originate from Africa. Whether you currently stem from 3 generations in Greenland or Graceland, this theory will become experiential truth to you when you visit Isibindi Zulu Lodge in rural KwaZulu-Natal. As that drumbeat courses through your veins, a lost part of yourself simply comes alive – a life energy which makes you feel connected to the earth and all humankind.

Wherever you find yourself in the world today – be it cold and grey or whether you are stressed and weary – listen to the drumbeat of your heart. An indestructible part of you cannot be doused by dull drudgery or oppressive stress, and is waiting to be released into life under an open, starry African sky.




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