TsowaSafari Island

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The start of the journey

Established in 2019 - Zambezi National Park
Tsowa Island is situated in the Zambezi National Park. The Foundation will be assisting the anti-poaching efforts in the park as well as designated projects to improve the park's resources.

Anti-Poaching Initiatives

Our Foundation has joined forces with Guides Against Poaching (GAP) by establishing a guide based anti-poaching support unit in the Zambezi National Park. This project consists of Learner and Pro Guides conducting regular patrols within the park, whilst collecting snares. Snaring poses a major threat to wildlife in the area, as this non-selective form of poaching entraps anything in its path. It will also provide an opportunity for Learner Guides to gain sought after experience in the bush.

Community Support Programmes

Communities residing alongside protected areas play a vital role in their long-term sustainability. This is no different for communities residing along the Zambezi National Park, where the Foundation provides support with various projects assisting in water provision and agriculture, while emphasizing the importance of conservation and benefits of tourism to their areas.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not!”

-The Lorax | Dr Seuss


All donations are always received with great appreciation and will take us a step closer to achieving our vision of investing in our communities in a conservation-oriented manner. All donations received will be utilized in one or more of our above programs. All project specific donations received will be allocated to the donor’s project of choice!