blog A warthog narrowly escapes a lioness

Posted on: Nov 15, 2016

It  has been a fascinating week at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge at Hluhluhwe iMfolozi Park. The guests witnessed a stalk by a lioness that had just delivered cubs. The lioness was stalking a warthog, using every cover that was available to get as close as it could to a outrun its prey and catch it. The lioness was seen crawling very low to the ground, flattened ears, eyes glued to its unsuspecting prey.
A scary sight for any of us when a strong lioness takes an interest

A scary sight for any of us when a strong lioness takes an interest

When the lioness was about 15 meters from the unsuspecting warthog, it sprinted and tried to pounce on its prey. This happened when the wily warthog was turning in the lion’s direction to scan its surroundings and lucky enough it saw the lioness and dived aside.
Missing the warthog by centimeters, the lioness lost balance and rolled over its back, down the slope. The warthog squealed and ran for its life.
The guests were thrilled at the encounter and secretly please that the warthog narrowly escaped death.
Happily munching after a narrow escape

Happily munching after a narrow escape


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