The little school that could

Posted on:February 6, 2018

This is a little school that warms our hearts – a remote rural school near Thonga Beach Lodge, Mabibi Primary. Thanks to donations made by Thonga Beach Lodge and its guests, Pie Blight was able to purchase new school supplies for Mabibi Primary.


A huge map to show these rural children where they are in the beautiful country of South Africa

The donations included a beautiful map of South Africa and a dictionary for each child. Each class teacher received a plastic box with enough glue, scissors, pencils, erasers, pens and coloured pencils. Grade 7 pupils were given a maths set. And every child got an exam pad and a hard cover book. “They were sooo soooo sooooo excited!” reports Pie.

The school  is benefiting from the management of a wonderful school principal, Mr Ngobese, and volunteer support from Pie Blight, herself a teacher and school manager. Pie just spent a week managing the school while Mr Ngobese was away and used the opportunity to purchase much needed school supplies for the teachers and children and sent us these photographs of the happy recipients.


Excited children showing us their new exam pads and books


Making creative use of the new art supplies


This is serious business

Pie and Mr Ngobese humbly dream of having another teaching assistant at the school. They would love to get a pencil case for every child, since most have to share with siblings. The school needs calculators, paint and paintbrushes.


Neat boxes of school supplies were donated for each classroom

If you would like to make a donation towards the school, please do contact Thonga Beach Lodge through our reservations department [email protected]. You may specify what you would like your gift to be spent on and share in the enthusiasm of the growth of this school. And when you next stay the the lodge, do ask for a visit to this little beacon of hope.


Keeping girls in school in rural KwaZulu-Natal




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