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Investing in a school worth developing

As you drive towards Thonga Beach Lodge, past the Cashew Nut Factory, the sand becomes thicker and the homesteads thinner....
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Zulu Kingdom, African Traces

A nostalgic Dulcie Pascoe reflects on her experience in Zululand from where she currently lives in Canada: The praying mantis...
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Idyllic Childhood Holiday

We watch a delighted child of about 9 carry a plate full of chocolate cake from the afternoon tea table....
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Battlefields by Bike

How cools is this? You can ride through the chilling battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal by bike! This historic tour is being...
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Diplomatic Dignity

Much is said about King Shaka and the other Zulu kings’ cunning strategies, bravery and cruelty. King Shaka is said...
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